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Viking Cricket

Viking Cricket was launched for two main reasons; the first to keep the tradition of English cricket bat making alive. We have seen the number of fine English bat makers decline over the years and wanted to do something about this. In the future we are hoping to be able to employ apprentices who will learn the skills needed to keep this tradition alive for future generations.

The other reason, as ex players, coaches and parents we have seen a growth in poor cricket bats and have first hand experiences of our own. We feel with our experience we could offer some of the finest cricket bats available in today's market, not the mass machined products, but The finest Handcrafted British workmanship.

We have been involved in Cricket all our lives and we are passionate about the game, not just now but for the future. We care about our customers and the quality of service we offer.

We are based on the Yorkshire/Lancashire border and offer a full range of adult and Junior cricket bats. If you don't see what your after on our products page contact us because we can fully customize a bat to suit your needs.

Why Viking well the simple answer is we have Norse heritage. We live in a region which is rich in Viking history and are proud of the strong links with Viking Yorkshire.

Our willow has been grown in Suffolk and is chosen by us, sourced from the finest supplier in cricket. It is then transported to our workshop in Yorkshire where James Dollive turns the clefts into stunning cricket bats. Everything that goes into our bats is done by hand and eye, not the mass machined bats we are seeing more and more. This is what gives all our bats the balance and performance cricketers love. James has over 20 years experience and has produced bats for both International and county players. We know when you're going out to bat you want to feel confident in the equipment you're using and playing with our top quality cricket bats will give you the performance to become a Game Changer.

We guarantee every Viking Cricket bat is manufactured in ENGLAND, in our workshop from the finest hand-picked English willow.

We source everything in the UK, our willow, labels, grips, even things like packaging are sourced locally. We will always source from the UK wherever possible.

Every cricket bat is checked before it leaves us to make sure it's of the highest quality before reaching you.

All our cricket bats are competitively priced with Adult prices starting from under £180 and Junior bats starting from £70.

We would like to think we are going to offer some of the most striking bats used in cricket today and hope to bring you not just Quality, but exciting looking products that will be the talk of the changing room.

We are not ones for bigging ourselves up however we are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from so many parents of young cricketers who after purchasing new bats from us have seen just what difference a quality bat can make in giving them confidence, There is nothing better than reading an e-mail or someone coming up to us and saying thanks my son got his first 6, or WOW my son has never go more than 9 or 10 runs but he has now had to retire in his last 2 Innings his last being 34.

Thats why we strive to make great bats.


Thanks from the all the team at