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02. THOR

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£7.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
02. THOR

THOR Cricket Bats come in three weight options - Please message us if you have specific requests.

The Thor is available in ONE shape "Duck Bill" 

Available in SE, PRO & CLUB all bats are Grade 1 finest English willow grown in Suffolk. The differences are listed below: 

SE - The best unbleached seasoned Grade 1 English Willow, Selected for grain structure and Limited in availability.

PRO - Unbleached seasoned Grade 1 Straight grained with a hint of colour and may have minor cosmetic blemishes.

CLUB - Unbleached seasoned Grade 1 predominantly straight grained with possible colouring and minor blemishes.

Handmade in Yorkshire, England by James Dollive our Master craftsman using traditional methods. 

Toe guard fitted as standard and one grip.

The SE will have 8-12 straight grains, PRO will have 7-11 straight grains and Club 6-10 straight grains.

Some may have minimal marking in the face however nothing that will detract from the bats performance at all. and our Master bat maker inspects every bat at every stage of the process.

Everybody is different while some cricketers like a bat with 6 grains some like 11, some like a piece of heartwood some don't If you have a specific requirement please dont hesitate to call us first before ordering then we can talk you through your options. See our Useful Info page about taking care of your bat, & knocking your bat in.

Whilst all Viking Cricket bats are pressed to achieve the optimum balance between playability and longevity, all bats require a good amount of knocking in. Please see our useful Info page for further information and advice.

So go on, Take a Viking out to bat this summer.